Culinary feast for the eyes







For years I have been looking into pots at various places and collecting recipes of the meals which impressed me. On the other hand they do not only inspire me to cook, but also to paint….

To me’kitchen’ does not only mean stove and pan, but also a deep understanding in dealing with these objects and their beauty, - therefore  >Culinary feast for the eye< on the wall is part of  gracious living for me.

I have been inspired to the picture “Still life” by the poet Rainer Maria Rilke. In October 1900 he wrote to Clara Westhoff about his dream:

“….There would be light in small houses, a gentle, naked lamp, and I would be standing at my cooker and prepare them supper: …..on a glass plate heavy honey would shine, and cold butter, as pure as elves, would quietly be noticed on the colourfulness of a Russian tablecloth. Bread ought to have been there…. Tea would be ready for drinking, golden brown in glasses with silver mats, breathing out soft aroma, the aroma that sounded to the Hamburg rose….

Big lemons, cut into slices, sank like suns into the golden dusk of the tea,…

There should be red mandarins in which a summer is folded up finely….

And roses would be around us, high ones which bow from branches, and lying ones which lift their heads….”


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