Hannelore Göbel was born in Silesia. The terrible chaos of the Second World War caused expulsion  and the loss of her parents`  estate. Together with her parents she was expelled to Twistringen where she spent her childhood. After her schooldays in Bremen she received a business education – her parents strongly opposed her wish to become an “artist”. The financial need was too big in the family.

Bremen became too “narrow”, there she could not develop her abilities according to her wishes. In 1970 she moved to Stuttgart with her husband. “It was a liberation, at last I could allow free play to my enthusiasm for everything creative and the fine arts”.

In Stuttgart and Leonberg  she started a career as a fashion designer in 1981 and devoted herself to the art at the same time. Study trips among others to France and Italy followed. She had her first exhibition in St. Moritz (Switzerland)  and Stuttgart in 1979. She passed on her knowledge as an art and design assistant professor in different  artistic and manual techniques.

In 1985 she took part in a competition for fashion design and got the first prize in Palma/Majorca.  Her fashion career now took its course. Many famous personalities, from the media among others, enjoyed the>Hanni G.>  models. She also got orders from fashion houses in Paris, Cannes and Deauville.

In 1988 the ZDF introduced her work to a wide public in a live programme.

In 1994 her fashion career came to an end because of a “bad allergy”.

She remembered her creativity in the fine arts, “this possibility had been left and I considered it a godsend, another challenge of my life”. In 1997 she moved to Lilienthal , near Worpswede, with her husband ,where she lives as a freelance artist for painting and sculpture.


Artistic biography:

1979                                beginning of her artistic career in Baden-Württemberg


1981 – 1984                     independent fashion designer and painter

 since 1997                        freelance artist for painting and sculpture in Lilienthal/Worpswede



1985                           1st prize in fashion design  
1988                           ZDF –Mainz      live programme  
2007                           1st prize "Bernhard - Kaufmann - Kunstpreis" 
                                    - Hommage an Paula Becker - Modersohn -



 Since 1979                      diverse  individual and group exhibitions at home and abroad

 Member of the “Lilienthal Art Society e.V.  Wümme – Wörpe – Hamme



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