Garten Eden

Le petit roi

Tschernobyl schläft nur

Alle Menschen werden Brüder

It is the great dream of mankind, which in time is becoming more and more conscious, to live in harmony with nature one day:

           As  part of creation  man is
           not a destroyer or an exploiter,    
  with all his senses, 
as a knowing and wise observer,
           he experiences “Nature”!

 It is a nature which is to resemble the Garden of Eden, where there is heaven on earth, according to the utopia that has become more and more popular within the last decades.

In my work “le petit roi” (The Little King), a painting in watercolour, this dream has already been transformed into pictorial reality. Here the scenery, the figures are part of the whole. It seems as if they are aware that they experience, lost and immersed in thought, the beautiful scenery, “Nature and Time”, with all their senses.

These are perhaps illusions, and probably they are what will remain in my mind, but as far as art is concerned this dream has come true.


>Visions at the turn of millennium<


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